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Specialist in corporate financing.
Le spécialiste incontournable du financement d'entreprises.
Specialist in corporate financing.
Le spécialiste du financement d'entreprises.
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For all business people, growth capital is essential to business development. Groupe FIMEX is the partner that will get you the government assistance you require for your growth capital needs. Groupe FIMEX works with immigrant investors and business executives.Are you interested? … Contact us! We will prepare, for you, all the documents required by government standards and procedures, in order to obtain the maximum assistance to which you are entitled.This is our specialty …!

To obtain maximum funding, we proceed in the following way:

1. Analysis of your financing needs;

2. Selection of Ministries and Funding Agencies relevant to your file;

3. Preparation and drafting of the business plan; … and …

4. Setting up the required financing.

To obtain maximum funding, we proceed in the following way:
plan affaire

  1. Acquisition of a new technology (ex. Robotics), to maximize production and reduce costs;
  2. Development of a new technology and / or innovative product;
  3. Loan / Equity for growth by acquisition;
  4. Increase in Working Capital and Line of Credit;
  5. Loan guarantees, subsidies, securities;
  6. Investment with private partner(s) and business immigrants;
  7. Export support, research and opening new markets, marketing, order financing;
  8. Search for buyers for your products / services;
  9. Real estate (commercial, residential, industrial, hotels, land development, … etc …), manufacturing, distribution, transportation, construction, agricultural, mining, recycling and other on-demand;
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Mr. René Fortin,

Address :
7333, Pierre Corneille,
Montreal, QC H1M 3N9, Canada
René Fortin
Specialist in corporate financing
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Spécialiste en financement entreprise.
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